Zambia Reaching 86,340 people with God’s Word in 2019.


More than 17 million people call Zambia home, a country facing economic, social, and spiritual challenges. Many across the country have little to no knowledge of the Gospel, and because of crippling poverty levels, families cannot afford a copy of the Bible. A single Bible costs approximately $21 USD; the average Zambian lives off of $0.50 per day.

In addition to high poverty levels, the country is struggling with an influx of false prophets. Churches have shifted their focus from the true Gospel to messages on prosperity. False prophets make unrealistic promises, targeting young people desperate for economic stability. Because of high illiteracy levels and lack of Bibles, people there do not know the real truth.

2019 Ministry Impact Stats:

People Reached   People Reached with God’s Word: 86,340

People Trained   People Trained to Share God’s Word: 4,942

Churches Planted   Churches Planted: 36

Biblical Resources   Bibles & Bible Resources Given: 172,617

Reintroducing the Gospel

Over the next five years, Bible League International will introduce Bibles, Bible study materials, and training opportunities to spread the Gospel across this nation. Individuals will be trained as Master Philips, empowering them to lead their own Project Philip Bible studies and train others looking to lead. Local church leaders will be trained on evangelism and church planting so they can introduce the hope only found in Jesus Christ. New materials will be introduced in local languages commonly used in Zambia.

Using Project Philip Bible studies, Bible-based Literacy, and Church Planter Training, Bible League International will reach more than 67,000 people with the Gospel over the next five years.

For more information about our ministry in Zambia, contact Patience Kasweka, National Director at [email protected] or Lizzy Nakazwe, National Director at [email protected].