The Story Without an End

"In 1936 I became seriously ill and landed in a hospital in Chicago. An elder from my church came to visit me and prayed that my life might be spared and that I would be led into the service of Christ.

At the time, it seemed a strange prayer. Why should God be asked to give me health and strength for this purpose? What could I possibly do for Christ?

I came to the conclusion that this was a ridiculous prayer.

But as the night wore on toward morning, it became increasingly apparent that my elder's prayer could not be easily forgotten. That's when I made my commitment to God.

If God would restore my health, I would give all my strength in any avenue of service God would lead."

These are the words of our founder, William Chapman.

In 1938, Bill and Betty Chapman purchased 1,000 Bibles and went door-to-door in Walkerton, Indiana. They asked, 'Do you have a Bible?' And if the home didn't, 'Will you promise to read this Bible?'

Today, Bible League International offers the hope of God's Word, sharing Bibles, and Bible-based study and training tools with those in need of salvation. Beginning with the Chapmans' simple act of faith, Bible League International has faithfully provided God's Word around the world.

That ridiculous prayer is being answered today.

God's promise

Bible League International measures the success of its ministry in the lives of men, women, and children transformed through God's Word. The effectiveness of the ministry is in equipping under-resourced local churches through training in evangelism, discipleship, and church planter training. And the strength of this ministry is seen in the blessing God promises through His Word.

We gratefully confess God has blessed Bible League International through your prayerful and generous support - your gifts provide God's Word to the world.

Together we continue to write chapters in this Story Without an End.