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Reaching Latin America with God's Word

Poverty and neglect are the barriers to God’s Word in Latin America, and the people suffer the daily burdens of violence, drug-use, and oppressive poverty—unable to escape and often left without hope. But with your help, those living in remote areas, urban slums, and barrios in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela will receive the gift of God’s Word in a way they can understand and believe.

Ministry in Latin America

Through Project Philip Bible studies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela, those who live in remote areas, urban slums and barrios, and those who have never heard the Gospel will receive the gift of God’s Word. Church Planter Training will equip believers to plant new churches, and Bible-based Literacy in Haitian Creole will offer the poor an opportunity for dramatic change in their lives through learning to read and write using God’s Word.


More than ever, the opportunity to dramatically change the lives of adults, prisoners, and children, is within reach in Latin America. With your help, the under-resourced Church in Latin America will receive training and be equipped to share the Gospel and witness their families, neighbors, and communities transformed in Jesus Christ. As the number of those who have never heard or never cared to hear the Gospel continues to grow daily, believers in Latin America are eager and able to reach their barrios, communities, and cities—with your help.

Focus on Argentina

In the slums (villas miserias) in and around Buenos Aries, hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in poverty, living in small shacks or houses topped with tin or scrap materials, and facing a future without hope of change or opportunity. The people of these slums are from diverse backgrounds, but the poverty they share cuts them off from the opportunity to access God’s Word. And with ongoing political and economic turmoil making the entire region insecure, this is a critical time to provide the gift of God’s Word in Argentina. With your help, adults, youth, and children in the villas miserias will be reached through Project Philip Bible studies, and your generosity will change the lives of those living throughout Argentina.