The Gospel for Europe

Christian faith in Europe faces the challenges of a religious majority and governments opposed to the Gospel. And with ongoing social and economic shifts throughout Europe and pressures from refugee populations, equipping under-resourced churches to share God’s Word is critical at this time. Under-resourced churches in the region are boldly reaching new neighbors and their communities using Project Philip evangelistic Bible studies. Focusing on discipleship and evangelism in Albania and Armenia this year, adults and children will be reached through Project Philip and Church Planter Training. With your help, believers will be trained and equipped to share God’s Word in their communities.

Ministry in Europe

By training and equipping believers in local churches in the region, they are able to share God’s Word with understanding and boldness—reaching family, neighbors, and their communities. With Project Philip evangelistic and discipleship Bible studies, believers in Albania and Armenia will be able to share God’s Word in remote and often hostile areas. In Armenia, for example, that will include outreach along the country’s dangerous border with the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan.


Believers in Armenia will also use Church Planter Training and English Bible-based Literacy to transform lives through God’s Word. Church planters will work to plant new churches in communities in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh that don’t yet have one. And Bible-based Literacy ministry will welcome those who might otherwise not be reached with God’s Word—including ethnic Armenians, foreign students from neighboring countries, and refugees from nearby war-torn countries. Literacy will also serve as a gateway into Project Philip Bible studies.

Focus on Albania

Churches across this Muslim-majority nation are determined to see that every Albanian has the opportunity to find hope in God’s Word—working diligently to reach into areas ignored for too long. And today, the hearts of Albania’s Muslim Roma population are especially responsive to God’s Word. While many of the country’s Muslims are nominal in their faith, radical Islam is on the rise, fueled by an increase in Islamic schools funded by foreign nations. Now is the time to reach Albanians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and you can make the difference.