South Africa Reaching 54,607 people with God’s Word in 2019.

Welcome to BLI Southern Africa Hub

When you send God's Word to Southern Africa, your support will:

  • Provide Bibles translated into the reader’s native language so that they can understand… and believe
  • Evangelistic Bible-study tools so that believers can share their faith in their communities
  • Children’s Workbooks and Illustrated Bibles written in a way for them to engage in God’s Word
  • Training for Church Planters and Bible-study leaders to build strong communities of faith

South Africa

The under-resourced churches across South Africa face several challenges such as high cost of Bibles, lack of training for pastors, lack of Bible-based follow-up for new converts, internal disputes focused on growth in numbers instead of qualitative church growth, and lack of training, innovation, and creativity in regard to church growth. Go here to learn more.


A beautiful but severely impoverished country, Mozambique is located on the southeast coast of Africa and home to almost 30 million. While poverty is a major issue, it’s not the only problem the country faces. Multiple extremist groups are actively trying to start a civil war with intentions to separate the north from the south. The national government is working with these groups to try and resolve the issues to bring peace to the nation. Go here to learn more.


More than 17 million people call Zambia home, a country facing economic, social, and spiritual challenges. Many across the country have little to no knowledge of the Gospel, and because of crippling poverty levels, families cannot afford a copy of the Bible. A single Bible costs approximately $21 USD; the average Zambian lives off of $0.50 per day. Go here to learn more.


Project Philip Bible studies have reignited the spark for discipleship across Zimbabwe, a country of more than 14 million. Bible League International is now reaching all 10 provinces, sharing the true Gospel in a sea of different faiths and belief systems. Go here to learn more.