About Bible League Volunteers

Founded in 1962, Bible League Volunteers support Bible League International through prayer, public awareness, and fundraising. Volunteers with a heart to place God’s Word around the world are representatives of Bible League International in their local churches and communities.

Find your local Volunteer Division

Bible League International Volunteers have 23 specific geographic Volunteer Divisions in 501 churches nationwide. Find the Division nearest you, or learn how you can start your own!


Central Valley Division - Deanna Van Swol, (866) 825-4636


Denver Division - Cathy Van Donselaar, (303) 771-4805


Southwest Chicago Division - Deanna Van Swol, (866) 825-4636


Illiana (NW IN-Chicago) - Doris Van Drunen, (708) 672-9945


Northwest Iowa Division - Katie Haan, (712) 722-0714
Central Iowa Division - Judy Oppewall, (641) 780-6431


Grand Rapids North Division - Anita Brink, (616) 363-2918
Grand Rapids South Division - Jeanne Roosien, (616) 698-1950
Holland Division - Jan Van Dyke, (616) 399-4549
Kalamazoo Division - Garnet Rau, (269) 532-1439
Kenowa Division - Debra Rillema, (616) 772-6192
Muskegon Division - Deanna Van Swol, (866) 825-4636
Newaygo County Division - Jessie Rose, (231) 924-2412
Northern Michigan Division - Elaine Diemer, (231) 825-2751
Zeeland Division - Beverly Jaarsma, (616) 399-6939


Southwest Minnesota Division - Hermina Jouwstra, (507) 442-8313
West Central Minnesota Division - Sandy Wubben, (320) 212-0944


South Central Montana Division - Deanna Van Swol, (866) 825-4636


Northwest Washington Division - Deanna Van Swol, (866) 825-4636


Wisconsin Division - Deanna Van Swol, (866) 825-4636

Consider Starting a Division

Partner with us in providing Bibles to people around the world who need the gift of God’s Word the most. As a Bible League International Volunteer, you will make a lasting Kingdom impact.

Email Deanna Van Swol to learn how you can start a Volunteer Division in your community.

Joining the RaceBL Volunteers - Clair and Diana

“In Hebrews 12, God’s Word tells us as Christians, to ‘run with perseverance the race marked out before us,’” says Clair, a representative for his church and former National Director. “Running this same race was Moses, Gideon, Peter, and Paul, and we are only 20, 50, 100 generations after them. The race goes on. We cannot quit.

“It is a baton race. Through Bible League International ministry, we are passing the baton. A Bible is placed in the hands of someone who desperately needs it. When God takes that Bible and blesses it, transformation takes place. Look what He did with a piece of bread and a few fish. Imagine what He can do with a few Bibles.” “This is a God-given opportunity for us to join the race—teaming up to work together.”

His wife agrees. “I’ve known about Bible League International since childhood,” says Diana. “When I retired from teaching, I became an active Bible League International Volunteer serving as a Division President for nine years. Working for a cause greater than me brings happiness.”